She Flies with Her Own Wings / by Chris Bonner


Our state motto rings true; Oregon does indeed fly with her own wings but that does not mean she doesn't need our support. There are incredible programs in our state–protecting our natural resources and helping our citizens thrive–and they need our contributions to ensure that their important work continues.

We proudly support the following organizations because they address critical needs in our community, and all have 5-star ratings on Charity Navigator.

We invite you to join us as you consider your year-end giving!

Architectural Heritage Center. Educating and encouraging Portland to understand and preserve our cultural heritage through historic buildings and places.

Friends of the Columbia Gorge. If the Gorge is an important place to you or someone you love, sign up to be contacted in the spring when trail restoration volunteers are needed. (and it's free!)

Join PDX. Helping Portland's homeless individuals and families transition from homelessness to permanent housing.

Open Signal. Offers skills, equipment, training, inspiration, and access to thousands of local voices on five cable channels. 

Oregon Energy Fund. Providing energy assistance to thousands of Oregonian's in times of unexpected crisis.

Oregon Environmental Council. Protecting the health of all Oregonians by working for clean air and water, a healthy climate, and an unpolluted landscape.

Oregon Food Bank. A formidable force in the statewide distribution of food to food banks and other partner agencies and a powerful advocate in the fight to eliminate the root causes of hunger.