Borrow Instead of Buy! / by Chris Bonner

A tool library is just what it sounds like. It works like a traditional library but instead of lending books, they lend members tools. There are four tool libraries in the Portland Metro Area: NortheastSoutheastNorth Portland, and Lents

If you think about it, tool libraries are a democratizing force in the realm of home improvement, making expensive equipment that a homeowner or renter needs–often for a single project–accessible. Becoming a member is easy; it only requires that you bring a valid photo ID and proof of your current address to show that are a resident of the neighborhoods served by that specific tool library. 

Think about becoming a member or making a donation to keep these all-volunteer libraries going. And know that these libraries have tools for every kind of home project you could imagine plus tools for auto and bicycle repair! The Southeast Tool Library is hosting a FREE Home Weatherization Workshop by The Community Energy Project on December 7th. Find details and register to attend here.