Pay it Forward: Schoolyard Farms / by Chris Bonner


Many of our favorite nonprofits are wild optimists and committed pragmatists; Schoolyard Farms is no exception. They noticed underutilized schoolyard acreage and saw a golden opportunity to use that land to create both an educational program and a community service. 

Schoolyard Farms is the only organization in Oregon helping schools scale their gardens up into farms with high enough production that they can sell produce to the community, bring in a revenue stream, and thus support urban farm jobs. All of the above–locally grown produce, jobs, and a robust outdoor classroom for students–are huge benefits for the school and the surrounding community!

Our client's daughter Ava wrote about her experience: Schoolyard Farms is a non-profit that focuses on teaching kids healthy habits. Schoolyard Farms has about a half acre of land at our elementary school where they grow more than 20 different veggies and fruits. During the school year, the students attending the elementary school get to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. Schoolyard Farms also hosts a summer camp where the campers get to harvest and eat lots of the veggies.