Tax Time! / by Chris Bonner

Cardi B.png

As we calculate our taxes, many of us wonder where exactly our money goes. Recording artist Cardi B's Instagram post where she asked the government that very question went viral last week. 

The video inspired replies from major media outlets like the Washington Post who answered her questions with some great infographics.

We are in favor of taxes because taxes pay for services that make our communities and our country better–schools, transportation, veterans services, healthcare, military. We also understand why there is a spike in curiosity about where exactly the money goes right around the time many of us are writing checks to our state and federal governments. 

Good news! There are tools you can use to answer that question for yourself thanks to the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014. Known as the “DATA Act,” this law is intended to make it easier for the public to follow the federal money trail. 

Follow the federal money–thanks to the DATA Act–right here>>

Get your taxes in by April 17th, or file an extension!