Grading: Get Schooled in Dirt / by Chris Bonner


"Whenever I do something with wet soil, I'm so happy I did it!" 
-Lee McKnight, Realtor

It's not report card season but it is the season of wet soil here in Portland and that is the perfect time to evaluate the slope of your home's grade and rectify any potential problems. Grading refers to the slope of the land around your home. Ensuring that the land surrounding your home is at a proper slope will protect your home from potential water damage.

Spring is the ideal time for this type of work because if any corrective action is needed, the soil is easier to break up and move around because it isn't frozen (winter) or dry (summer & fall). This is a project you can absolutely start–and finish–on your own or give us a call and we can refer you to one of our favorite vendors for either an evaluation, re-grading, or both.

Watch this video about how to get water flowing away from your house>>