Extraordinary Movements: Ordinary People / by Chris Bonner

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"From the places that you have been instructed to ignore or rendered unable to see come the stories that change the world, and it is here that culture has the power to shape politics and ordinary people have the power to change the world."  -Rebecca Solnit from her essay "A History of Shadows"

Women's-history-hits lists direct our focus to the grand and dramatic milestones and subtly encourage us to ignore what surrounds us: the lives of ordinary people, and their potential to make an impact. This month we invite you to be on the lookout for the seemingly small but meaningful actions of the people surrounding you. When you see them, acknowledge them so that all of us can begin to notice the ground beneath our feet again instead of perpetually staring at the horizon in anticipation of the next Superhero.

In the spirit of acknowledging direct action by ordinary people, we turn your attention to a few of our own local women who picked up the proverbial megaphone and started talking about...Menstruation and Menopause...two taboo subjects we have always been taught were not ready for prime time.