Coalition of Communities of Color / by Chris Bonner


Imagine a world where socioeconomic disparity, institutional racism, and inequity of service have been eradicated. This is the vision behind the Coalition for Communities of Color. The organization focuses on:

Research Justice: Data collected through the work of the Coalition and partners like Portland State University has been instrumental in educating Oregon residents and policymakers alike about the realities faced by communities of color throughout the state. 

Leadership Development: CCC is actively growing leaders in communities of color throughout Oregon and SW Washington to guarantee their future success in advocating for themselves.

Policy Analysis and Advocacy: Focused on making voices of communities of color central in policy discussion. They are working with both community members and legislators to achieve this goal.

Check out their 2017 Racial Equity Legislative Report>> documenting work done by communities of color with our legislators to ensure that racial disparity is addressed in state laws and regulations.

Consider supporting the important work of the CCC>>